Employee Spotlight

Today we meet our new Associate Vice President for Operations, Fawdon, Jason Barclay and hear what attracted him to Accord.

“Accord is a fast growing organisation and that for me is an attractive proposition at a personal professional level, but also as a deeply passionate and committed adoptive Northumbrian. Accord is a big employer in the region, bringing not just jobs but STEM opportunities to a wide audience and that for me was key to my next role.

“Just a week into the organisation and the role and it is clear that everyone here in Fawdon is dedicated to the ongoing success of the site and there is a real sense of pride and passion to continually grow what we have to offer.

“I will be spending the next few weeks engaging with the teams here in Fawdon and further afield to understand our customer base in more detail and engage with wider stakeholders.

“There has been excellent investment into the site and its facilities, but it is now time to take that further. I am looking forward to delivering a long term, sustainable success story here in the North East and I know the team here are too.”

If you want to join the team and be part of something, we have several vacancies.