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We aim to provide high quality medicines

We are committed to providing patients and healthcare professionals with high-quality medicines whilst continually looking for opportunities to innovate existing medicines to better meet patient needs. With one of the broadest range of hospital, pharmacy generic medicines and Speciality Brand Products; we continually strive to improve and increase patient access to effective treatments.

Our Speciality Brands range aims to deliver enhancements over standard medicines, such as the way medicines are delivered, to make the experience better for both patients and healthcare professionals. These products cover a breadth of therapy areas within four franchises: Oncology and Haematology, Autoimmune, Central Nervous System and Critical Care.

Our extensive portfolio

Accord is a multinational company developing, manufacturing and distributing a diverse portfolio and pipeline comprising over 50 brands by 2024. We are one of the largest suppliers of generics, and a leading provider of oncology generics to hospitals across Europe.

We are continually looking to differentiate our products, bringing new strengths and formulations to market as well as delivering medicines in improved administration systems and providing supportive tools for patients.

Accord has a particular focus on encouraging the correct use of our products, both for patients and healthcare professionals. Our entire range of product packaging has been designed to minimise the incidence of errors in dispensing, preparing and administering of our medicines.

Dynamic capabilities

Accord has one of the most dynamic product pipelines in the pharmaceutical industry. Our medicines span across multiple therapeutic classes, and we are committed to building this number to be the partner of choice for medicines across all healthcare settings.


Our facilities cover all steps of the pharmaceutical development and production process. We have an extensive team of over 500 in-house scientists involved in product development across the globe.